We produce broadcast video and perform compositing, keying and visual effects. With professional speed, we'll give you the results you need in one of our three Discreet OnLine NonLinear Post Production Edit Suites with Combustion and Boris FX.



Combustion is a resolution independent vector paint, animation, and 3D compositing engine that easily finishes complex effect shots in uncompressed video.
Combustion features interactive rotoscoping for merging live action with animated effects and Academy Award-Winning keying, color correction and tracking as found in Inferno, Flame, and Flint.
Final Cut Pro's award-winning design features lighting-fast workflow between trimming, editing and effects * no separate modes to slow you down. Built-in compositing and effects, integrated offline resolution and project and file-level media management allow fast creativity and project flexibility for nearly any project. And with Final Cut Pro's G4 real-time effects, you'll experience real-time effects playback on DV without PCI hardware