Learn, sing and play with Granny Goodie's Video Series
Join Granny Goodie and all her friends as they sing, laugh, play and learn. These videos combine the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, classical and upbeat songs with an educational message. Research shows that listening to classical music helps to increase a child's spatial intelligence and other cognitive skills. Children will learn not to be afraid, but rather embrace the differences in the world we live. Granny Goodie will help your child learn to share through images of other babies and toddlers sharing. This exciting video series will teach and entertain your child at the same time.

Granny Goodie Presents:
"Sharing" Volume 1
"Everything Is A Little Bit Different" Volume 2
& "DoggyTown"

Produced by Gosch Productions
Gosch Productions 2003

To Order:
Call 1-818-729-0000
or Email Order to info@goschproductions.com
Videos are available in VHS and DVD format.

Special Web Prices
VHS $10
DVD $12
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